Dr Bruce Kelly – Atlanta, GA

Dr Bruce Kelly is Founder of DSL Camp and the pastor of Deaf Baptist Church in Smyrna, Georgia (Atlanta area). He grew up in Orlando, Florida and graduated from Oak Ridge High School (South Orlando) in 1983. Bruce is an exciting and interesting preacher with a real desire to see young Deaf people serve the Lord with their lives. and

Rev Dan Rakoncay – St Augustine, FL

Dan Rakoncay is the Board of DSL Camp and the Deaf pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in St. Augustine, Florida. He was loves preaching and teaching God’s Word.

Edward Arnold – Florida

Edward Arnold is on the Board of DSL Camp and is the Director Camp. He is member of Trinity Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL.

Rev Steve Houghton – St Augustine, FL

Steve Houghton is Co-Founder of DSL Camp. He has served the Lord pastor to the Deaf at Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida for many years. Now he helps churches all around Florida start deaf ministries. He trains hearing people in American Sign Language and enjoys preaching and teaching God’s Word to Deaf people. He is member of Heritage Baptist Church, St Augustine, FL.

Rev Earl Brigham – Orlando, FL

Earl Brigham is Board of DSL Camp and the Deaf Pastor at West Orlando Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. He has preached to Deaf people in many foreign countries. He loves reaching and teaching people for Jesus Christ. He graduated from Florida School Deaf and Blind in 1966.

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